About Rusthoven Verkeerstechniek

The Rusthoven machine factory has been designing bridges and locks since 1965. We received frequent requests for good barrier arms, until designing them ourselves became a logical step. We currently offer a wide selection of barrier arm operators, which have proved their market value over the years.

Slowly but surely the interest in our road barriers grew, even without a bridge or lock. This is now a fully independent and professional line of barrier arm operators.

For the Dutch market, the road barriers must comply with VOBB guidelines. This makes them too expensive for the international market. That’s why we have also developed a series of operators that needn’t meet these requirements, suitable for international use.

The manufacturing of the road barriers is now fully independent as of 1 January 2018. From now on, we will be marketing our products under the name of Rusthoven Verkeerstechniek B.V. You can find us at Industriepark 21 in Leek.

Our sales team is of course fully at your disposal. We think along with you, provide advice and appropriate offers to meet all your requirements. That way, you can enjoy our wonderful products for years without any issues.

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