Road barriers from Rusthoven Verkeerstechniek may be found in many places. They are used primarily for moveable bridges and tunnels, as well as special lanes for buses and emergency vehicles, for example.

Learn more about how our road barriers are employed, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides delivery and installation we also provide user guides, CE marking, on-site installation and set up the entire installation. Your barrier arm gate will barely require your attention.

Our projects

Tafelbrug, Zuidhorn

Delivery of six RhS SA road barriers for the Tafelbrug in Zuidhorn. These SA road barriers are manageable with only a network cable and power. All components are managed within the road barrier itself and operate as a completely independent machine.

Witterbrug, Assen

For the well-known, distinctive Witterbrug in Assen, we supplied four RhL road barriers to fit the bridge’s unique design.

Pottersbrug, Gouda

Delivery of four standard RhS road barriers for the Pottersbrug in Gouda, specially modified to store the barrier arm and simultaneously create a post for the street light.

Berlagebrug, Groningen

Delivery of four special double RhE road barriers for the Berlagebrug in Groningen. This concerned an integrated operator with barrier arms to either side, powered using a single housing. The design was created by the architect S.J. Bouma.

Ophaalbrug, Gorredijk

For the drawbridge in Gorredijk we supplied four standard RhS road barriers, with decorative detailing to match the railings.

Oosterhesselen brug

For the Oosterhesselerbrug (Oosterhesselen, Drenthe) we supplied four standard RhS road barriers, in the colour of their choice.


Delivery of four standard Rh-EU-S road barriers for the international market (Larvik Tunnel in Norway).

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