RHB road barrier for lane separation

Specially designed for lane separation, Rusthoven Verkeerstechniek offers the RhB road barrier. The installation dimensions are minimal, and there are no extruding parts to form a hazard.

The RhB can be ordered with 1 or 2 barrier arms, each capable of securing roads up to 10 meters in width. The Rh road barrier has been designed in accordance with VOBB regulations (NEN 6786) and is suitable for public roadways and tunnels throughout the Netherlands.

The RhB road barrier is designed with road users’ safety as the guiding principle. The operator continues to function under all circumstances, including strong winds or heavy frost. Nor is it a problem if the operator goes unused for extended periods or receives little maintenance.

Collisions are always a possibility with a barrier arm gate. That’s why we have designed our barrier arms to break off in case of a collision, causing minimal damage to the road user or the barrier arm operator. The barrier arm can then be replaced in fifteen minutes, ensuring traffic safety.

The barrier arm operator is made of galvanised steel and powered by an electric motor. The shape of the RhB barrier arm operator has a step barrier profile, for easy integration as part of a (temporary) lane separation. The design is provided with CE marking as standard.

Basic specifications

  • Power (motor): 0,75 kW


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All operators will be delivered with a CE-certificate.

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  • 1x RHB road barrier for lane separation (L) / 10 meters
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    Basic specifications

    • Power (motor): 0,75 kW
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